I have just been alerted to an email that is being sent from a offering a job which is too good to be true - this is not me... my email address has an .au on the end of it.  It is also being sent in my old married name of Kelly Duncan, not my true name of Kelly Jenkins.

I do not have any jobs on offer.   I am not looking to hire anyone, so if you receive an email stating I have an employment opportunity, this is false.    Please delete the email and report it!   This scam has been reported to ACORNS government reporting section and is being investigated.


I am a fully qualified CPA Accountant who runs her small tax practice from home.... I specialize in the micro business, especially the ones who are behind in their compliance obligations like Tax and BAS and have a real want to get back up to date and stay there.  Down to earth, back to basics accounting with someone who is willing to explain things as she goes, teach if necessary and has the aim to not only get your business running as smoothly as she can but has the strong desire to keep you up to date on all your legal business responsibilities.

I am a hard working, honest, tell it how it is working mum with 12 years experience in the public practice area, having worked in both large firms and small ones.  My clients appreciate the down to earth honesty, and the fact that I deal with some of the same issues many of them deal with which gives me a greater understanding of your business.

I come to you, have some evenings and weekend appointments available where necessary and aim to keep my clients books up dated monthly as much as possible which keeps things current.  I am happy to help people with individual returns as well, and utilize technology where possible to keep things easy and simple.  I work with you as you need it and have dealt with everything from importers to builders to the transport industry to costume hire. 

I don't judge why you are behind or why you do things that way, but aim to fix whatever mess is presented to me and get you back to eliminating as much stress from your books as I can.

As a single mum who works from home, my work environment is flexible and casual.  I aim to make you as comfortable as possible... what other accounting firm has a dog and 2 cats routinely in the office!  If you need to bring the kids, no problems as they can play with mine... come straight from work, no hassles as it's an outside office.